Worldwide DeFi development company applying up-to-date solutions, creating metaverse platforms and transforming the business landscape with blockchain.

DeFi Ecosystem

For years we have fully embraced the potential of blockchain technology, providing companies with DeFi development services to disengage an individual from a third party, which is a centerpiece of decentralization. In DeFi, transactions are peer-to-peer, while several entities hold a copy of historical transactions on special blocks that cannot ever be interfered. Having a chance of removing powerful intermediaries from the process, we endow ourselves with the most critical development.

Admittedly, DeFi unlocked plenty of income prospects for investors. Security, transparency, and accessibility, on top of its numerous other virtues, have prompted DeFi’s geography to constantly expand and boost demand all over the world. As a Decentralized finance development company, Codeex suggests global investors with access to blockchain projects underlying the up-to-date innovations and ensure uninterrupted functioning of a wide range of DeFi services platforms from lending to borrowing.

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Metaverse - Developing the future of Internet

One of the cornerstones of Web3, the forthcoming digital era, is the future of the Internet or as they call it, Metaverse, a 3D space where Internet users engage with each other using special VR headsets to immerse themselves in virtual reality using NFT avatars. Metaverse is about transforming the global scale of business and social experience, achieving a head-to-toe revolution on a universal basis. Bloomberg forecasts an 800 billion dollar market opportunity to be reached in 2024. Mass enterprises, from startups to big names, waste no time embracing Metaverse or at least elements of it as a solid jump-start for the lucrative prospects given by Metaverse.

Our engineers hold back expertise in developing Metaverses for companies promoting the future Internet, focusing on setting up several layers of ultimate security and having a wide range of NFT-based activities. Under the slogan “Inventing Future,” Codeex blockchain experts developed a financial Metaverse named the most innovative DeFi project of 2022 at Crypto Expo Dubai for the applied blockchain and software solutions behind it.

How We’re Different

We pride ourselves on developing the most competitive and ambitious platforms for DeFi companies for several years, implementing the latest innovative models to fulfill our clients’ business vision and prospects. The Codeex highly skilled workforce specializes in reliable straight-through delivery of tailor-made technology solutions and is open to challenges to carry impactful and scalable results to life.

From fully managed developers to individual expert software engineers, our decentralized finance developer company team is not only conscientious but also passionate, hence each of us does believe in the necessity of decentralizing the ecosystem and is eager to participate in bringing such an environment closer by providing DeFi development services to enterprises and start-ups.

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Get to know us

We are the biggest and most experienced blockchain international team located in Armenia, the Silicon Valley of the Caucasus and the world’s next Tech Hub according to Forbes.

Armenia is now a top choice for businesses looking for high standards and quality behind their IT products, because of the excellent blend of the mathematical mind, innovative ideas and exceptional flexibility it offers.







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Proud Developer and Partner of “the Most Innovative DeFi project of 2022" Award-Winning Gym Street

Our developers and marketing specialists are excited about their substantial input into establishing GYM Street from the ground up, the ultimate financial Metaverse platform for accessing investment, mining and trading with NFTs. The Metaverse has attracted tens of thousands of active landowners from more than 50 different countries since its debut in August 2022.

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Developer and Partner of GYM NETWORK, a leading DeFi Aggregator Investment System

As one of the most luxurious yet quite complex financial investment types’ platforms our engineers combined all possible win-win options and approaches with the best end-to-end solutions.

Vone - Codeex's exclusive product

A groundbreaking secure communication platform, with a mission to empower people to take control of their data and privacy like never before.

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