Dedicated Team

High speed and flexibility in building up teams

With our nearshoring model you can forget about recruiting, hiring, managing and other administrative processes, and focus instead on your core goals and objectives. Codeex flexible pool of engineers, developers and project managers are at your disposal, just as your own team is, sitting in the room nearby.

Dedicated team at Codeex

You’ll never need additional talent; through our big and flexible team of developers all client needs are always anticipated and covered. Whether you want your project implemented end-to-end by Codeex, or you want to work directly with your dedicated team or perhaps to simply coordinate the work through our project manager… all models have been proven by practice to guarantee smooth communication, timely development and high quality.

How your dedicated team works:

Gain access to high talent in engineering and development with great creativity and years of experience in international IT projects.

We help you to select the right team of developers and strategies that best serve your vision and your product.

Flexibility in all areas, including communication, coordination and specialization.

Conduct interviews with all and any of the developers who will work in your dedicated team.

Advantages with Codeex

Only 2 hours away
from most of both Europe & Asia

Western culture
Armenia an easy country to communicate, work and socialize with

English is spoken
easily and commonly in Armenia

VISA-free travel policy
makes Armenia a great partnership destination

Multicultural team
 makes working with us smooth and comfortable for any client

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