IT Infrastructure Specialist

We are seeking a highly motivated and passionate IT Infrastructure Manager to join our team! As an IT Infrastructure Manager, you will play a critical role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of our company’s IT systems and tools.

With the many challenging international projects, Codeex is a great place for tech experts to get a boost of professional growth. At Codeex we offer end-to-end IT solutions across multiple countries and industries. We respond to the constantly changing standards, skills and requirements of the IT industry.

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Job Responsibilities

  • Manage and maintain the company’s VPN infrastructure, cloud-based software accounts, and office access control
  • Maintain all operating systems currently used by the engineering team (Ubuntu, MacOS, Windows) and the computers used by the engineering team
  • Manage and maintain inventory of all technical resources, including hardware and software
  • Create documentation for every process in the company infrastructure, such as adding/removing users to/from VPN, managing JIRA users, managing source control users, managing AWS users and services, and more
  • Manage and maintain the company’s back-end infrastructure deployed mostly under Ubuntu, including constant maintenance, creation of monitoring scripts, integration with monitoring software, and making sure that servers are always up to date and the most recent security patches are applied
  • Create necessary infrastructure needed for various projects and manage the company network, WiFi coverage, routers, and electricity channels

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field
  • At least 1-2 years of experience in IT infrastructure management, or a related field
  • Knowledge of Bash/Python/Javascript
  • Knowledge of Ubuntu, MacOS, and Windows operating systems.
  • Experience with monitoring software and creating monitoring scripts
  • Strong communication and documentation skills
  • Ability to work independently and manage multiple projects simultaneously

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