Guide on Relocating to Armenia for Foreign Citizens

As per the decision of the Armenian government of May 12 2016, experts with a higher education certificate in database and information network development and management, informatics and computing technology, computer security, electronics and automation can work in the Republic of Armenia without a work permit. So if there is a bachelor or master degree certificate in a related field, a person can qualify for this exception. Please note that higher education certificate (in the form described below) will be needed to be submitted.

Relocate to Armenia for Russians


Higher Education Certificate & Passport

The higher education certificate and passport need to be prepared because they are needed for applying for work and residence permits.

  1. When in your country, translate your higher education certificate into English at the notary
  2. Get that notary English translation of your higher education certificate validated by the your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  3. When in Armenia, get the higher education certificate translation validated by the your country’s embassy in Yerevan
  4. Then get the higher education certificate translation validated by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Armenia.

    3 Vazgen Sargsyan street
    Time: Accepting each working day except Wednesday, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
    Duration: 2 working days
    Cost: 7,000 AMD

  5. Get the higher education certificate translation and your passport translated by a notary into Armenian.

    Tigran Mets street, Republic Square, Yerevan
    Duration: 1-2 working days
    Cost: 2,000 AMD per page (depends on the number of pages)


Moving to Armenia

You can browse and book apartments using the following websites:,,

If moving from Iran, direct flights can be booked on Armenia Airways.

When you arrive in Armenia, you will sign a rental contract with the landlord, for which the following will be needed:

 Passport (or a copy)

 Usually, upfront payment for 2 months is required (1st-month payment and deposit for the last month)

Please note that according to local legislation, any payment and transaction in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, is done only in the local currency of Dram (AMD).

Check the currency rates on

Codeex relocation to Armenia


Applying for Work Permit, Public Service Number and Residency Permit

As of January 1, 2022, foreign citizens should apply for a work permit, public service number and residency permit altogether through platform. The overall process takes around 30 days and is initiated and applied on your behalf by the employer company, which in this case is Codeex. The entire application is done digitally, therefore all the submittable information and documents need to be digital. You can use apps like Camscanner to easily scan your documents and save them as PDF.

The following information is needed to be submitted for the application:

 Passport, along with its notary translation into Armenian
 Address where you reside in Armenia
 Higher education certificate, along with its notary translation into Armenian (as described above)
 Phone number
 Email address
 Payment of 105,000 AMD (around $200) state fee
 3×4 color photo

Residence permit is given for a duration of 1 year. Extending the residence permit costs 105,000 AMD.

After the residence card is received, you need to register in the address you reside in at the local passport office. The working hours are 9am-5pm (break: 2pm-3pm). It takes 2-5 business days and after that only you can be registered as an employee in Armenia and sign an employment contract. What is needed to be taken:

  Landlord in person (or licensed attorney)
  Landlord’s passport
  Landlord’s certificate of real estate ownership
  Your residence card
  Payment of 1,000 AMD (around $2, can be done on the spot)

Please note that you can just go there with your residence card, in that case a government employee will be sent to your house in the upcoming 2 weeks to check if you live there, and after that they will issue the registration within 10 days.


Will there be airport pickup?
We will arrange airport pickup and transportation to your apartment.

How much does renting an apartment in Yerevan cost?
Apartments for 1 person around the center cost around $250-$300 per month, in the center it approaches around $500

Do I need a VISA to travel to Armenia?

You can check what VISA requirements apply to you for traveling to Armenia on this webpage. For example, Iranian citizens can travel to Armenia without a VISA for 90 days. This 90 days’ period is renewable every time an Iranian citizen leaves and enters Armenia.

How should you provide a health reference?

You can have a medical examination in any clinic (in Yerevan also). It is not related to Covid-19.

Can I get a mobile card without a residency card?

Yes, you can buy a SIM card with your passport

If I move to Armenia with my family, how do my family members get a residence permit?

After you have received your work and residence permit in Armenia, based on that, your family members can apply for a residence permit. They must do so to the VISA and Passport Department of Armenia (aka OVIR), which is done offline (submitting in paper form), takes at least 30 days and for which the following documents are  is required:

  • Completed application form
  • Three 3.5×4.5 cm color photos
  • Passport, copy and a notary translation
  • Work and residence permit that you received
  • Health reference from any health institution in Armenia
  • Marriage certificate, copy for the wife/husband (notary translation into Armenian)
  • Birth certificates, copy for the child(ren) (notary translation into Armenian)
  • Payment of 105,000 AMD needs to be done on the spot by cash
Applications are accepted on workdays from 9 AM – 5 PM, with a lunch break from 2 PM – 3 PM.
Children (under the age of 18) can reside in Armenia with their parents without residence permit.

How can I open a bank account?

You can open up a bank account after you have residence permit. The following documents are needed:

  • House rent contract
  • Passport
  • Residence card

When are salaries paid in Armenia?
As per local legislation, the salary can be paid by the employer until 15th of the next month. However at Codeex salaries are usually paid until the end of the ongoing month.

When can I go on a vacation?
As per local legislation, an employee is eligible for a vacation after having worked 6 months at a company.

Where can I look for apartments in Armenia?
You can browse and book apartments using the following websites:,,


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