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Node.js, React.js, C++, Angular, PHP, Java, Solidity… at Codeex we’re excited about technology, innovation and excellence, both in Web2 and Web3.

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With over 10 years of experience, Codeex is a Yerevan-based tech company with 80+ team members and fast growing. Throughout the years Codeex has developed tech products in Blockchain, Metaverse, decentralized technologies, NFT, cryptocurrencies, web security, fintech, communication, etc.

Codeex currently has three large own tech products, two of which are live and include sophisticated Metaverse, NFT, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain frameworks.

The third product is currently under development and provides communication systems. In parallel to product development, Codeex has a dedicated and specialized outstaffing division.

Software Development

At Codeex we don’t just develop software, we build products that become solutions to business problems worldwide.

Blockchain Development

We apply decentralized solutions, create metaverse platforms and transform the business landscape with blockchain.

Mobile Development

Number of mobile users keeps skyrocketing by millions each year, thus we stay tuned with this huge market.

Dedicated Team
& Outstaffing

The dedicated team and outstaffing model of cooperation provides superior development services.

Mission & Vision


To create digital solutions globally by empowering international tech talent and driving modern technology.


Global tech company inventing solutions for the future.


Vone logo V
Vone logo

We are thrilled to announce that a groundbreaking secure communication platform is currently under our development.

Get ready for a game-changing concept of Web3 communication & crypto payments! Experience true privacy & anonymity in the decentralized world with our innovative technology.

Development Process

Research & Investigation

Whether you need to draft an idea for a completely new product or evaluate the quality and enhance an already existing one, we’re here to explore and uncover all of its aspects.


Idea Validation

Our years of experience has given us a high intution and a good sense of what works out there. We use that and also numerous tests to validate your tech idea.


Design & Prototyping

Our team brings together creative minds in design, user interface and user experience, which are constantly kept up-to-date with modern trends.



Exerting sophisticated engineering minds and bright developing skill, we build software of any size and complexity.


Testing & QA

Software bugs are not just annoying, they can be very expensive or even dangerous. We identify the correctness, completeness and the quality of your product.


Maintenance & Support

After your product is completed, we dedicate experts, who will be available to answer your questions and offer technical support.


Advantages of Working With Us

Time Zone

We’re only 2 hours away from most of Europe & Asia.

Western Culture

Makes Armenia an easy country to collaborate and socialize with.

English is Commonplace

Spoken easily throughout Armenia.

Multicultural Team

Makes working with us smooth and comfortable.

Visa-Free Travel Policy

Makes Armenia a great destination for business and partnership.

Why Armenia?

Armenia today offers mathematical minds, brilliant ideas, which combined with the favorable IT resource pricing, makes it the first-choice destination for companies seeking high quality behind their IT products.

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