Why Armenia

The Silicon Valley of the Caucasus

Being the Silicon Valley of the Caucasus, Armenia today offers a great combination of mathematical mind, brilliant ideas and uncommon flexibility, which combined with the favorable IT resource pricing, makes it the first-choice destination for companies seeking high standard and quality behind their IT products.

Armenia’s Excellence in the Tech Field
Has a Historical Background

As Armenia has been the technological and innovation center of the Soviet Union. While making only 1.5% of the Soviet population, Armenia has created one third of the entire IT, electronics and engineering innovation. Moreover, on October 6th to 9th, 2019 Armenia hosted the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) 2019, aspiring to become a global IT Hub.

Close proximity to Europe, minor time zone difference, primary Western culture, commonly spoken English language and a number of many factors make Armenia a great supplier of IT production. On the other hand, Armenia is a cultural crossroad too, also having a diaspora all around the world, it connects and makes the best out of international culture.

Quick facts about the
Armenian Tech Sector

share of women employed in IT

8th Country
with Internet freedom worldwide

Low-Cost Flights
to & from

Tech Education
full of innovation, feat. Armath, TUMO & more...

is taught at schools everywhere in Armenia

Over 30%
annual growth in the tech sector in Armenia

Global Tech Companies in Armenia

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