Vone is a Web3 communication platform that provides complete anonymity through Blockchain IDs, enhanced security, in-chat crypto payments, AI assistant and more.

The idea and creation of Vone comes from multiple factors and use cases highlighting the relevance of a communication platform, where people reserve their right to privacy and anonymity.


We empower individuals and organizations to communicate securely and privately on the decentralized web through unique NFT-based identities.


Becoming the global provider of secure communication in Web3 and beyond.

Advantages of Vone

Communication & Blockchain ID

Get your Blockchain ID / Vone Numbers, ensuring a decentralized and authentic identity worldwide. The different categories of Vone Numbers are a unique way for users to communicate and transact with each other. Enjoy self-managed anonymity and data protection. With Vone, your identity is your autonomy.

Vone Pay

Blend chat and finance! Vone Pay is an innovative addition to Vone’s messaging, where you can send/receive money for digital content, products, services, fundraising, split bills, etc. Harness the advantage of secure transactions and financial freedom in simplicity and privacy with Vone Pay.

AI Assistant

ANI is an AI-driven feature within the Vone platform that enhances user communication. ANI boosts the efficiency of individuals and businesses, providing contextual responses, sentiment analysis, smart reminders, task tracking, meeting summary generation and more.

We Are
Doing an ICO

Your exceptional opportunity to invest in the future by acquiring VONE tokens and Premium Vone Numbers at a discounted price.