Lets you extend your in-house know-how to include leading developers from your partner companies. So you become the employer of the professionals for as long as you need. You give tasks and assignments while your outstaffing partner takes care of salaries, bonuses, and equipment provisions.

At Codeex, we value employee satisfaction. That’s why people management is a joy for us. We will happily manage employee relations so you can focus on your core business.

And Armenia is a great hub for outstaffing. Read more why.

Outstaffing Advantages

No tax, insurance, facility payments


Access to unique expertise

Hire employees temporarily

Attractive to investors

Pre-filtered candidates

But Why

Codeex has years of experience cooperating with leading companies in the United States, Europe, and Asia. So you’ve got a reliable partner by your side, ready to provide you with top talents in no time.

From software and mobile developers to QA specialists, our people offer you a wide range of IT solutions.

All you have to do is choose a specialist for your niche and impressive results won’t make you wait.

Resources Available Now!


Senior Solidity Developer


Blockchain, smart contracts, metaverse development, ERC20, ERC721, practical knowledge in DeFi


Senior Java Developer


Java8 (+5 years) to 17, IoC, MVC, AOP, Security, cloud & etc.), REST APIs, Java Web

Are You

Level up your hiring process and your team!

Talk to us now and we’ll find a solution right for your business!