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The idea behind the Ayb educational movement is to transform human life and the future of our country through education. Each project or initiative implemented by the Ayb Educational Foundation and its fellow-thinkers and supporters aims at this radiant mission.


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Ayb Foundation CRM Overview

Throughout the partnership a CRM platform was development for the foundation that does multifunctional monitoring of the donations made by different types of stakeholders.

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Ayb was founded in 2006 by visionaries who believe education has played a paramount role in their professional and life achievements and who wanted to help improve the educational environment in Armenia through joint efforts. Willing to contribute to the development of the country and having numerous other options of investing their time, efforts and funds, Ayb’s founders have chosen the most gratifying and guaranteed way of reforming the country: to create a new culture of learning and to educate a new generation. Ayb’s founders are Armenians working in different professional fields and living in different corners of the world.

About Ayb Foundation

Our goal is to make our best practices accessible to everyone and to transform Armenia into a country of quality education, a country where contemporary quality education is available to all our children. Education is our path.