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The idea behind the Ayb educational movement is to transform human life and the future of our country through education. We believe that we can have a competitive and recognizable educational system in the international arena; thus we direct our efforts toward the creation and promotion of the best authentic Armenian education model. Each project or initiative implemented by the Ayb Educational Foundation and its fellow-thinkers and supporters aims at this radiant mission.

The objective of the Ayb Educational Foundation is to shape a culture of excellence in learning and support education development in Armenia. Our community directs all its efforts and investments to the development of a creative generation that would be competitive in the 21st century and ready for changes.

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Thanks to the Codeex team we finally got rid of managing XLS data in hundreds of files. Codeex got far beyond the initial idea and automated all the workflow we have been doing manually, with no to minimal additional charge for that.

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Ayb Foundation
Ayb Foundation
Ayb Foundation

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