Born from Our Needs: Vone, the first-ever Web3 Communication Platform for Everyone

Codeex has partners and employees in every corner of the world. Over 10 years, we have had communication problems, and in some cases, the workflow has suffered. We were constantly jumping from one platform to another: Discord, Slack, WhatsApp, and Telegram, to name but a few, while spending a lot of money on subscriptions to corporate packages. All this was draining our time, resources and causing significant stress.

We used to have a cybersecurity department for training our staff to be extra cautious about the personal and corporate data they share. In general, we all faced communication safety problems in and out of the company while traveling for personal and business reasons, and it was always present in our conversations. 

At some point, it occurred to us that it was up to us to improve our working environment and solve the communication problems that arose. First, it was why shouldn’t we create a platform for our internal needs. Then it struck us: If we’re facing these challenges, then surely, others are too. We believe that when you have the capacity to address an issue that impacts society at large, turning a blind eye is, well, not great for karma.

Enter Vone

A collective brainchild of our engineers, programmers, marketers and management, Vone (We named it ‘Vone,’ short for ‘Virtual One’) was born out of shared challenges and a unified vision. We worked hard, sometimes relying on our own enthusiasm and spare time according to the unwritten rules of startups.

Data breaches and unauthorized access to personal information are topics that have, unfortunately, found their way into our daily dinner table conversations. Given the centralized structures of many current platforms, it’s no wonder our data often feels like an unprotected goldmine, ripe for hackers.

We Saw this Gap & Acted

We’ve taken proactive steps, not just reactive measures, in embracing advanced encryption and decentralizing strategies. It’s more than just keeping up with the times; it’s about setting a standard for what’s to come. It’s the Secure Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) combined with the SECP256k1 curve. To put it in simpler terms, think of Vone as a safeguarded vault where only you, and no one else, have the access key.

Modern platform registrations can often feel like a never-ending process, demanding personal details, KYC and more. One might wonder, where’s the room for anonymity in this digital age? Vone’s approach offers the answer. We’re pioneering the concept of blockchain-based identities, which ensures a smoother onboarding process while prioritizing your privacy. Forget extensive paperwork. With Vone, your identity is preserved and protected as a unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on blockchain. Moreover, with Vone, users get the freedom to choose from multiple identity options, tailoring their online presence to their comfort level.

While many platforms today struggle with facilitating smooth peer-to-peer transactions, Vone is different. Moreover, we believe users should have opportunities to benefit from the content they create. Our in-chat financial system ensures not only seamless transfers but also equips users to monetize their content effectively. With Vone, you’ll find an integrated crypto payment system, right within its chat environment. We’ve named it ‘Vone Pay’, and it’s designed to simplify peer-to-peer crypto exchanges.

In an age where user behaviors dictate platform evolutions, many platforms still remain surprisingly static. At Vone, adaptability is key. Our built-in AI assistant, ANI, isn’t just another feature. It continuously learns from user habits, streamlining tasks and proactively offering predictive suggestions, all while leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms to enhance the user experience.

Overall, our goal is to become the number one global provider of Web3 communication services in the world. Now, our staff is in the development stage and preparing for the upcoming launch, while our marketing team is preparing for the upcoming ICO, during which we can count on your support to introduce our concept to you as soon as possible. During the ICO, we will hold a pre-sale of VONE community tokens, which will later become your key to purchasing blockchain identities that will serve as dial numbers and make various money transfers in the ecosystem.

The ICO will launch this fall, but until then, you can explore our website or whitepaper to learn why you should buy VONE tokens and upgrade your communication to the Web3 level.



We will always remember why we made Vone and wanted everyone to have it. Vone is for us and for all of you. We’re on the same team. Stay with us.

Vone team