PetPace smart collar is designed to improve pets’ qualityof life, health, and well-being. Developed byveterinarians and powered by machine learning, ourcollar helps pet owners worldwide to maintain theirdogs’ and cats’ welfare.


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ZPetPace Overview

Founded in 2012, PetPace is committed to improving pet quality of life through advanced wearable technology.

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Our remote pet health and wellbeing monitoring solutions track vital signs and other physiological data in real time utilizing advanced analytical methods and alerting models.

The low-power, wireless PetPace smart collar features an array of sensors that continuously monitor dogs or cats over eight pounds in the clinic or at home. If abnormal vital signs, physiological or behavioral parameters are detected, the sophisticated PetPace cloud-based analytical engine evaluates and alerts caregivers and pet owners, allowing them to take preemptive action to protect pet health.

About PetPace

Our mission is to help pets live a good, long, and healthy life. Based on a decade of research, we provide early detection of illnesses and discomfort for pets through constant monitoring of their daily vitals and habits.

Combining our veterinary knowledge and revolutionary technology, we developed an AI pet collar that detects health conditions and helps manage chronic diseases.

The built-in waterproof GPS helps you quickly locate your pet, too. All to give you peace of mind and help your pets live their best lives.