Vejle Administration

Vejle Administration A/S was established in 1996 and has great expertise and competence through many years of experience in the administration and financing of mortgage deeds and promissory notes.


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ZVejle Administration Overview

Vejle Administration currently manages over 5,000 units, both mortgage deeds, promissory notes and other types of receivables, divided into 20 small and large companies.

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Vejle Administration has experience in buying and selling and administering Swedish mortgage deeds.

The company is a completely independent administration and financing company with a wide range of attractive products that ensure great competitiveness.

About Vejle Administration

Vejle Administration currently manages over 5,000 subjects, both mortgages, promissory notes and other types of claims, distributed among 20 small and large companies. They also have experience in the purchase/sale and administration of Swedish mortgages.

They place emphasis on fast and flexible case processing, so that they find the best possible solution in the current situation.