Gym Street

The easiest way to experience finance
What would Wall Street look like today and in 100 years? DeFi, CeFi, exciting opportunities and products.

All in one huge financial center – Gymstreet. We offer our clients familiar but newly designed and redesigned access and opportunities.

We guide our users on their way into & within the metaverse

Gym Street award

GYMSTREET The Most Innovative DEFI Project of 2022

Gym Street Metaverse Awarded as the Most Innovative DeFi Project of 2022 at Crypto Expo Dubai 2022. Launched 2 Months and Already Awarded

Gym Street was honored as the Most Innovative DeFi Project of 2022 by the blockchain community at Crypto Expo Dubai 2022, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency expos.

Given that Gym Street was launched in August 2022, just two months ahead of the award, this achievement is a doubly binding and motivating statement for the Gym Street team.

In 2022, the Crypto Expo Dubai hosted over 130 crypto businesses from 30 countries. Meanwhile, more than 10k investors and traders visited the event from different parts of the world.

For 2 days, people could not ignore the Gym Street booth’s striking design, which was to mirror the atmosphere that people are to experience in Metaverse.


Investors in more than 50 countries



500 mln+

Market cap reached by Gym Network in 8 weeks


Developers working in 3 different regions